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Virtual office
for new law firms

Go virtual!

Virtual office support for new law firms is a sensible alternative for small startups which can help you to reduce the burden on your cashflow in the early days.

Telephony and appointments.

When you are faced with a busy caseload, you can’t afford to spend unnecessary time on the phone. Added to that, your mobile phone number should be different to your office number – purely as a sign of professionalism.

By using a virtual receptionist, you can have a live, fully trained receptionist there to answer all your calls, take messages and set up appointments. This leaves you free to concentrate on client work without interruptions. As a new start law firm, a virtual receptionist gives enquirers the perception of professionalism from the get-go. With that all covered, you will have much more free time to devote to building your legal business.

Of course, this all comes at a cost. However, you will find it significantly less of a cost than employing a full-time receptionist yourself.

Virtual assistant support.

Similarly to virtual receptionists, a virtual assistant can take care of a variety of tasks, allowing you to free up your time:

  • Legal support – you can lose valuable time trying to do everything yourself. It’s a temptation in the early days. Instead you can delegate these organisational tasks to a virtual assistant.
  • Client onboarding – onboarding a new client is one of your most important business processes. First impressions count and you can delegate onboarding from initial enquiry to signing the client care agreement to a qualified virtual assistant.
  • Admin support – admin can be a real chore, not to mention a distraction for you. You can farm out all those time-consuming, tedious and often boring tasks to allow you to concentrate on your fee earning potential.

Mail handling.

In this day and age the majority of your communications with clients are likely to be electronic. To manage these, there are many e-signature companies out there ready to assist.

However, there are still times when traditional mail is necessary. You can outsource mail management at reasonable cost to save you time. You can also have the documents sent to a mail management provider from within your case management software. They will print the documents and your letters on your own letterhead before posting them to your clients.

virtual office for new law firms

Professional image – “real” virtual office.

Operating from a home address and using it as your registered office does not present a fully professional appearance. To combat this, you may wish to consider using a virtual office location at a fraction of the cost of renting city centre space. The advantages are:

  • You can use it as your registered trading address and for all letterheads, brochures or websites.
  • Your mail can be delivered there for you to pick up or forwarded directly on to you.
  • many virtual office providers additionally supply real meeting spaces where you can meet clients face-to-face in a comfortable and fully serviced meeting room.

Virtual office support for new law firms from LawStart.

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Virtual Office

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